Q. What are Miracle Berries?

A. Miracle berry fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a small red berry that contains a glycoprotein called miraclulin which makes sour or bitter foods taste remarkably sweet.

The Miracle Berries tablets are made from the pulp of freeze-dried miracle berry fruit and combined with small amounts of cornstarch as a binding agent, and pressed into tablet form. Each tablet contains the equivalent of three miracle berry fruits.

Q. How do Miracle Berries work?

A. Miracle Berries contain high concentrates of the glycoprotein miraculin. The process beings when the protein attaches to the sweet receptors on your tongue and are activated when coming in contact with acidic and sour flavors. This temporarily modifies and alters how the mind perceives those particular tastes. This causes some dramatic taste changes in various foods, particularly in foods with high acidic properties.

Q. What are the benefits?

A. Miracle Berries have 0% fat and are a great natural help with weight-loss! They can help aid in changing your eating habits and your lifestyle. Find yourself eating more fruit, vegetables and having no need for sugar. You can sweeten your tea, drinks and desserts with the use of Miracle Berries instead of sugar.

Research shows that there is no change in sugar levels after consuming Miracle Berries, because they are not processed as glucose by the body. This gives diabetics a healthy way to sweeten foods without sugar or chemically produced sugar substitutes. Great for maintaining and regulating sugar intake and enhancing flavors of sugar-free foods and recipes.

Q. Are Miracle Berries tablets safe?

A.Yes, Miracle Berries are made with 100% natural ingredients; they contain absolutely no artificial additives such as dyes or preservatives. More than a million of these tablets have been sold. Here at Taste Buzz Ltd. we pride ourselves in providing only the best product for our customers.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. Throughout years of extensive research there are no reports of any known adverse side effects from taking miracle berries tablets.

Q. What do Miracle Berries taste like?

A. The taste is comparable to a sweet vitamin tablet. A similar flavor would be that of a dried cranberry. What’s really important is the taste of foods AFTER you eat the tablet.

Q. Why try Miracle Berries?

Health benefits:

  • Gain all the nutrients and antioxidants from healthy foods, without suffering through unpleasant tastes.

  • Allows dieters and diabetics the enjoyment of consuming sweets without the calories and sugar.

  • Miracle Berries are the natural choice for health conscious individuals as well as diabetics. Don’t compromise the taste of your food and drink by using unpleasant artificial sweeteners when the natural alternative is so much sweeter.

  • Miracle Berries can make bitter medications taste sweet, without the use or sugar or a follow up food. Perfect for children and those required to take daily doses of unpleasant medicines.

  • Miracle Berries can help satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories associated with sugar intake.

  • These Berries are a delight for anyone who is keen to have their fruits and vegetables taste perfectly sweet and ripe every time!

Fresh, exciting fun!

  • A great new and exciting activity for foodies and thrill seekers!

  •  “Taste tripping” parties with Miracle Berries is a fun and exciting activity for any social situation or gathering. Throw a taste tripping parties like your friends have never experienced before.

  • Everyday foods that have become redundant will warp into new and surprising flavors.

  • A great way to help kids eat healthier while entertaining them with the amazement of crazy flavors.

  • Give as gifts to friends, a perfect way to tempt and tease their flavor cravings.

Q. How quickly do Miracle Berries work?

A. Miraculin from the miracle berries tablet takes only a few seconds to take full effect. We recommend swirling the tablet around your tongue and dissolving it completely. Coating as much of the tongue region as possible which takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Q. How long until Miracle Berries effects wear off?

A. The effect can last anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours depending on the consumer and the foods consumed; variables such as temperature, type, and quantity of food eaten. Note that hot liquids or foods may cause the effect to wear off more rapidly.

Q. What foods are best to eat after(with) Miracle Berries? What foods are
best to experience?

A. Miracle Berries work best when sweetening the sour and tart tastes and bring out the flavor of certain acidic foods. Miracle Berries also elevate the sweetness of mildly sweet fruits and foods, but be aware, some find that type of sweet syrupy flavor overwhelming.

Any foods that are safe for consumption can be experimented with so let your imagination and appetite take you on an adventure!

Here are some great suggestions that are at the top of the flavor warping list:

1. Lemon – taste very sweet almost like lemonade.

2. Tomato – tastes very sweet like a sharon fruit – answers the question “Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable ?” Now we can taste it is a frui !

3. Lime – really really sweet – like drinking lime cordial.

4. Orange – too sweet – also depends on the variety of orange, clementines are much sweeter but tangerines taste just a little sweeter, ruby red oranges are delicious.

5. Tabasco Sauce – delicious, but don’t eat too much !

6. Goats Cheese – tastes like icing sugar or as Americans call it “frosting”.

7. Vinegar – tastes Like treacle.

8. Anything Pickled like gherkins, pickled onions - taste like candy.

9. Salt and Vinegar Crisps – tastes like chinese sweet and sour.

10. Guinness – tastes like chocolate milk shake, other bitters taste chocolately.

11. Blue Cheese – tastes very creamy.

12. Grapefruit – very sweet, you can’t stop eating them !

13. Granny Smiths Apple or cooking apple – tastes much sweeter.

14. Strawberry – the hint of bitterness they usually have is gone and they taste like sugar coated strawberry.

15. Broccoli – much more bearable – George Bush should try it after eating the miracle berry, then he’ll soon change his mind !

16. Pizza with tomato topping – depends on the other toppings but the tomato makes the whole pizza sweet.

17. Cottage cheese -  taste like a creamy cake filling.

18. Cherries – taste like glace cherries / glazed cherries.

19. Cream Cheese – tastes like cheesecake.

20. Kiwi Fruit – the tang has gone and it tastes sweeter and more delicious.

Q. What is the history behind the miracle berry fruit?

A. The discovery of this fruit and its introduction to the Western world was attributed to Chevalier de Marchais, a French explorer who during the early 1700's traveled to West Africa, where the berry originates. Having tasted this miracle berry, he was able to enjoy his meals more, and flavors were somehow enhanced.

Marchais noticed that local tribes picked the berry from shrubs and chewed it before meals, used to sweeten their natural palm wine as well as used before consuming their native bread that had potentially gone sour, to improve the flavor.

When tasting this miracle berry himself, he was able to enjoy his meals more, and flavors were somehow enhanced. It was in the 1970's when many laboratories from Japan and America attempted to isolate and further investigate miraculin from the miracle berry. Miracle Berries have continued to gain popularity over the decades as the health conscious, foodies and excitement seekers look to find new and thrilling ways to experience flavors.

Miracle berries can be found in countries worldwide from Europe and United States to Japan and featured on CNN, BBC, The Dr. Oz Show and The New York Times. Now in 2012 Miracle Berries are being newly introduced to New Zealand!

Q. Why choose Miracle Berries tablets over fresh miracle berries?

A. While the miracle berry fruit can be purchased from specialty dealers, once the berry is harvested, it becomes sensitive to the conditions and its shelf-life is only one to two days as the miraculin protein within the fruit begins to decrease while being transported. On the other hand, the Miracle Berries tablets have a very long shelf-life of 10-18 months. Each tablet contains the freeze dried pulp of 3 whole miracle berries.

This pulp contains the active ingredient miraculin in much higher doses than the actual Miracle Berry because the miracle berries are freeze dried immediately after harvesting, preserving them 100%. As far as pricing goes, a 10 pack of tablets cost $15 - $20 where as 10 fresh berries can range from $40-80, plus the cost of shipping them internationally.

Q. Are Miracle Berries legal?

A. Yes Miracle Berries tablets are completely legal to buy in New Zealand.  If you are buying outside of New Zealand however, please check with your local customs officials.

Q. How long will shipping take?

A. Standard post will be between 1-3 working days within New Zealand. International shipping from 7-10 working days.