So what exactly are they? Miracle Berries are tablets made from the pulp of freeze-dried miracle berry fruit and then pressed into tablet form. These tablets are 100% natural, safe and are fundamentally similar to a vitamin. They dissolve easily on the tongue to start the taste warping experience.

How do they do it?? These small tablets contain high concentrates of the protein miraculin, which coats your taste buds causing sour flavors to be transformed. Simply put, this results in turning sour and bitter tastes into sweet flavors.

Completely dissolve a miracle berries tablet around your tongue and immediately experience bitter and sour foods tasting extraordinarily sweet as!

Miracle berries (scientific name: Synsepalum Dulcificum) are a small red fruit that grows in the tropical areas of West Africa. These berries contain a unique glycoprotein known as miraculin, which binds to the taste buds and will immediately make any sour or bitter foods taste extraordinarily sweet as. This process begins when the protein attaches to the sweet receptors on your tongue and are activated when coming in contact with acidic and sour flavors.

Easily dissolve a Miracle Berries tablet on your tongue and soon experience the warping of flavors, transforming lemons to lemonade, plain yoghurt to a sweet rich honey flavour, tomatoes to a sugary ripe fruit, and goats’ cheese to sweet cream cheese filling. The real food adventurers have likened vinegar to apple juice, Guinness beer to a chocolate milkshake and tobacco sauce to a warm, sweet sensation.

Featured on CNN, BBC, Google news and numerous other mainstream media, Miracle Berries have sold in the millions, and are capturing a growing worldwide trend from Barcelona to New York to Tokyo, and now New Zealand. 

Miracle Berries are a perfect fit for:

Health conscious individuals - Eating wholesome foods whilst still satisfying a sweet craving

“Taste Tripping” Parties – experimenting and entertaining friends and large groups

Diabetics – Assisting in regulating and maintaining sugar intake

Medical patients – Undergoing treatments with unappetizing medicine and food

Classrooms – Used for altered perception exercises and understanding bio-sciences

Children – A great way to help kids eat healthier, entertain and intrigue

Gifts – A perfectly stylish and intelligent way to tempt someone’s appetite

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